• Do materials arrive on time? Do the suppliers deliver according schedule?
    Is monitoring adequate?
  • Are there many needs and requirements pending?
  • Are there many urgent purchases? Do you have a shopping plan?
    Do you plan the demand?
  • Do your emergency costs increase?
  • Do you have an inventory system? Do you have many items pinned down?
    Is your material catalogue unreliable? Does it duplicate?
  • Does your system have a lot of "junk" information?
    Do you have reliable management reports?
  • Are there key performance indicator (KPI)? Are savings measured?


In Gestión 2M, we can, among other things ...

  • Category Management
  • Spend Control
  • Demand Control
  • Review, update and implement your management procedures.
  • Perform audits, diagnosis, proposals for improvement supply management
    and implementation of action plans.
  • Outsource management of your purchases, contracts, national - import logistics and inventory.
  • Select and assemble work teams by training programs.
  • Implement and manage of monitoring programs.
  • Design and develop suppliers evaluation and qualification plans.
  • Debug information systems to get reliable reports.
  • Set up Key Performance Iindicator (KPI) and Balance Scorecard
  • Analyze and validate procurement costs in relation to the market.
  • Identify and consolidate savings opportunities.
  • Generate, implement and manage action plans to proofread vulnerabilities detected in internal audits.
  • Manage contracts
  • Carry out the access control of contractors.
  • Analyze the adjustment formulas of contracts.
  • Prepare reports of goods and services market behavior.
  • Achieve % or determined amounts of savings per period.
  • Reduce pending purchase and delivery.
  • Reduce antiquity of requirements.
  • Reduce internal audit observations.
  • Achieve reductions in inventory amount.
  • Reduce differences in inventory counts.
  • Increase the participation of “buy local”.
  • Implement LEAN and TCO methods in Supply Management
  • Provision of inputs for industry

We are not only consultants,
              we are Solution Makers.

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